Tooth-Extraction-WoburnIf you have chosen to have one or more teeth extracted, we will take the time to sit down with you and explore your options for replacing the missing tooth as soon as you are able. We never recommend the extraction of a tooth without first educating our patients on the importance of replacing it in order to stabilize your oral health.

General Tooth Extraction

Our goal is to assist you in moving through life with a full, healthy smile. It is our desire to help you to save as many of your teeth as possible, although there are times when it is necessary to extract a tooth. A cracked tooth, an unsuccessfully root canal treated tooth, a severely decayed tooth, or a tooth which lacks adequate bone support are among the most common justifications for an extraction.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions

Very few wisdom teeth manage to grow into the back of the mouth without presenting numerous complications and problems—if they manage to grow into place at all. Every year, lots of older teens and young adults are challenged by impacted, infected, decayed, and malpositioned wisdom teeth which can pose a very serious threat to your oral health and your systemic health.

A wisdom tooth that is found to be immediately unhealthy or one that foreshadows future health risks should be removed in a timely manner. Wisdom teeth can contribute to chronic low grade infections, bone destruction, tooth decay, and spontaneous pain if treatment is not rendered quickly.

Pain Management

New clinical technology, more effective anesthetics, and fast-acting sedatives have revolutionized the oral surgery process. Surgical procedures are far more comfortable and can be completed more smoothly than ever. Prior to your surgery, our team will review your medical history and take the time to make sure that you are calm, comfortable, and well-informed. All post-operative instructions will be carefully reviewed, including caring for the surgical site and managing swelling or discomfort at home.

Let’s Talk About It

To start planning for your wisdom tooth extraction, please contact our office in Woburn today to schedule an informative consultation.