Teeth-Whitening-WoburnStains on the teeth are almost unavoidable when you consider the deeply pigmented foods and beverages that we consume every day. Many medications are also know to produce stains on the teeth, and as we age our teeth may become naturally darker as well. To combat the stains that often keep your smile from shining as brightly as you’d like, we offer advanced laser teeth whitening solutions which are professionally administered.

The Science behind Teeth Whitening

The most effective teeth whitening products are those that are scientifically formulated to deliver a maximum dose of whitening solution into the enamel without irritating the gums or causing tooth sensitivity. These solutions do not alter or damage the enamel in any way. We have selected the highest quality teeth whitening products for our patients and we are committed to working through the whitening process with you to ensure that you achieve an outstanding result, comfortably and safely.

Tray Whitening and/or In-Office Whitening?

Professional teeth whitening can be accomplished in one of two ways: tray whitening and/or in-office whitening. For tray whitening, snuggly-fitting whitening trays are made in the dental office and detailed instructions are provided regarding the proper use of the trays at home along with a full supply of professional-strength whitening solution. These home-use trays should be worn for a short period of time each day until the desired result is produced.

As an alternative to the tray whitening method, we can perform the whitening procedure here in our dental office in a single day. This form of whitening delivers virtually instant results and is administered by trained dental professionals who can carefully control the final outcome.

Making an Informed Decision

You can make an informed decision about the teeth whitening method that you would prefer once you attend an informative consultation with our team. We’ll review the advantages and disadvantages of each technique and recommend the procedure that will be most effective for you.

To find out what we can do to bring out your whitest smile, call and schedule a consultation with our Woburn office today.