Invisalign Woburn MAWhen technology meets orthodontics, achieving a straighter smile becomes easier and more rewarding. This is exactly what we’ve seen with the widespread popularity of Invisalign. Teens and adults can now enjoy the benefits of orthodontic treatment without the annoyance and bulk of conventional braces.

Invisalign offers a comfortable, practically invisible alternative to metal braces. Instead of hardware like brackets and wires, Invisalign features custom-molded clear aligners which are free from PVC’s and BPAs. Clear braces are a versatile and comfortable orthodontic treatment that produces swift results while delivering a more pleasant patient experience.

Dental Technology in Motion

The gentle, constant pressure of Invisalign’s clear aligners can influence the movement of teeth until the proper alignment is achieved. Each aligner is produced according to Invisalign’s strict standards and must be worn day and night, in accordance with the dentist’s instructions. During the treatment period, periodic dental visits will be scheduled to monitor the movement of the teeth and to make any necessary adjustments.

Achieving Invisalign Success

The most successful Invisalign cases are those that are aimed at correcting mild to moderate orthodontic problems. This includes crooked, crowded, overlapped, or gapped teeth. It is imperative that the aligners be worn at all times, day and night, and only removed at mealtimes and for brushing. The rate of tooth movement is greatly reduced when the aligners are not worn for at least 22 hours each day. Once your teeth have been repositioned, the regular use of a custom retainer will be the only way to maintain the results.

The Invisalign Consultation

Only an Invisalign-trained dentist can determine if this orthodontic procedure will deliver the results that you desire. Dental x-rays and clinical dental impressions will be necessary in forming your treatment plan and the estimated length of your treatment. The average treatment time ranges from 6-18 months.

Your dental records will be forwarded to the Invisalign world-class headquarters where your treatment plan will be finalized, complete with 3-D graphic images illustrating each phase of your treatment. Our team will review the details of your treatment plan with you, ordering the fabrication of your aligners only once you have understood and accepted the treatment proposal.

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MTM Clear Aligner

No one should have to go through life embarrassed to smile or reveal his or her teeth. Unfortunately, many people hide their smiles in an effort to mask cosmetic tooth disfigurement that others may find unappealing. There are many causes of poorly aligned teeth.

For example, tooth overcrowding is a major culprit of misalignment within the teeth – even after wearing orthodontic braces during childhood. When the wisdom teeth erupt into the mouth, a lack of space can force previously aligned teeth into an overcrowded smile. However, regardless of why the teeth are out of line, the problem is almost always correctible with treatment, although traditional corrective options are costly and extremely obvious to other people.

Fortunately, minor tooth movements no longer require the cost and annoyance of traditional orthodontic braces. Instead, the MTM Clear Aligner provides a more affordable and less visible way of straightening the teeth – often in as little as three to six months. The MTM Clear Aligner is made of a clear, PVC and BPA-free plastic that is virtually undetectable to other people. Equally appealing is the device’s comfort level for wearers. Patients who wear the MTM Clear Aligner appreciate its versatility and the fact that unlike traditional braces, it is completely removable for eating, brushing and flossing.

How the MTM Clear Aligner Works

The MTM Clear Aligner works by gently apply force and pressure to the teeth, which over time, encourages them to move into an ideal space. A dentist custom fits the device to each patient’s mouth, where the patient wears the aligner daily for a specified period of time. Return visits to the dentist will determine how well the aligner is working and whether any adjustments will need to be made. So long as the wearer uses the MTM Clear Aligner as instructed, patients may complete their treatments in as little as 90 days.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for the MTM Clear Aligner?

Only a consultation with a dental care health provider educated about the MTM Clear Aligner in Woburn will reveal whether you are eligible for the treatment. In general, however, you may be a good candidate for the MTM Clear Aligner if you have all of your permanent teeth and only have minor tooth movement needs.

For example, if your teeth are slightly overlapping, turned inward, leaning away from the natural tooth line, or are sitting too high or low in comparison to where they should be naturally positioned, the MTM Clear Aligner may be right for you. You may also benefit from it if your teeth have too much spacing in between them, which could lead to ineffective chewing and aesthetic insecurities.

In order to have successful results with the MTM Clear Aligner, you should be capable of keeping the aligner in your mouth at all times, except when you are cleaning your teeth or eating. You should also be capable of following all care and usage instructions, as well as committed to wearing a retainer following treatment to maintain your new smile.